Well, well, well

Just got to know that our personal table phone could make external calls, I decided to call AJ.
I pretended I was whatever staff from the Air Asia, wanted to confirm on his last April’s flight.

Turned out that he was teaching.


p.s: But, that was fun. Except for the timing.


Transformers : Age of Extinction — from my pov

Oh so majestic.

I was really excited when I got to buy the tickets for this movie as I really anticipate Bumble Bee. Frankly, this movie gave me what my inner 13 year-old girl wants ; the series’ signature cars, handsome sub-hero (Tessa’s BF), my favourite robots and funny dialogues. It’s just that this time around Autobots are against human beings (and another creature called Lockdown)  who have been convinced that they are Decepticons and are bad robots. Due to that, Optimus Prime and other Autobots have to hide from being discovered by human beings.

Until one day, Cade Yeager — played by Mark Wohlberg (a man who repairs electronic things and also an inventor) found and wanted to make some money out of a barren truck ( the hiding Optimus Prime) he found somewhere in an abandoned movie theatre.

So after that the CIA were there to claim Optimus to be destroyed when Cade realized that the Autobots are innocent ; they are good robots (Of Course!). It was found that some opportunist human beings  (Attinger) had secure a deal with Lockdown, a creature from the outer space who is hunting Prime because it was said that the Creature of them all wants them back (because of inexplicable reason) .

Surprisingly, despite all the actions and comedies, I got bored after one hour. I feel that the first one hour of the movie should be cut off. There are loopholes after loopholes in the plot. The plot is messy and the story line is quite complicated. For 2 and 45 minutes, the movie is packed with all the robots ( Galvatrons, Autobots, Lockdown and Dinobots – they appeared one after another)

New Autobots like Hound and Drift — they really look like metal-made human beings. They should look a lot like Prime, or at least Ratchet……

And what’s up with all these Transformium thing? Should we ditch AllSpark now?

Well, screw you logic, this is Transformers.


Ah, I was expecting better plot for the next movie.


I have never thought that I would create this —